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Chainsaw carving can be fun and profitable for anyone that is strong enough to hold a chainsaw, a lot of chainsaw carvers become minor celebrities in their communities because of the great art they create often in a matter on minutes, they donate their art to many good causes this in turn leads to more notoriety and more work for a friendly carver, it is not uncommon to find a chainsaw Carver at a local community fair doing a demonstration of his art to crowds of happy onlookers If you take the time to read all of the info in this CD and follow the steps laid out before you, you should have a good grasp of chainsaw carving and its rewards, This Info CD assumes that you are at least an adult and capable of good judgment on matters of safety and the danger you may put yourself into while Chainsaw carving Disclaimer:

Builditplans Is not liable for injuries or loss of property or personal injury that may occur as a result of using this site, YOU the user understand that many of the tools that are used in carving are dangerous and using them could result in personal injury


Carving at a fair

3 foot Indian

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Download this complete lesson!
only $9.95 with Paypal


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