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Finishing tools
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   the most time consuming part of you work as a chainsaw carver will finishing your rough shape into a beautiful work of art, on occasion a carving will be done without any need for fine detail work, but most of the time you will need to do some detail work to complete your piece. The tool you will use most is the

Angle Grinder equipped with a sanding disc, this tool can remove material very fast and is good for contouring your piece and smoothing as well, Choose

  • 16 grit or 80 grit discs to remove material fast

  • 120 grit to achieve a smooth finish

Even and light pressure applied while grinding will result in a smooth clean pass

Heavy uneven pressure will result in burning ringlets across the pass

(Pic of uneven pass)

Using the edge of the grinding disc you can cut notches in your material and small grooves

(pic of notch)


(pic of groove)

When doing this you must remember not to cut for to long and create to much heat, the heat will cause the grinding disc to come apart.

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