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For fine detailing and finishing your project you will need a few tools such as chisels, grinder, wood rasp, sand paper, the following list are items in my tool inventory, not all are necessary to finish a project, I will go over them with you
  • Angle grinder

This tool is for smoothing large areas quickly it comes in two sizes small for fine detail and large for smoothing big areas, you must use the grinder with a sanding disc NOT a grindstone

  • Carving chisels

A good sharp set of chisels are useful in detail work that your Dremel cannot reach, they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes

  • Carving bar for your saw

Your chainsaw will come with a saw bar but it is likely not a carving bar, it is not totally necessary to have a carving bar but it helps, try to look for a bar that has the smallest tip, this will help in the detail work, if you cant find one then you can buy one online at www.baileys-online.com

For a variety of carving supplies

Chainsaws and parts

Angle grinders and sanders

Everything mentioned here can also be purchased at

  • High speed rotary tool

The most popular of the high speed rotary tools is the Dremel, this tool is used for the very fine details of your carving project, there are a variety of bits this tool can use, everything from sanding and cutting to shaping and sharpening, this tool is a must have

  • Detail sander


This tool's use is obvious, try to find one that has a good rate of material removal, you may have to try several different types before you find one that suits you. Follow the links provided to find out more about the tools mentioned here

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