Friday, May 27, 2005

Homemade kiln that everyone would like to own

Bob damstrom has built what is arguably the finest homemade kiln I have ever seen, the sheer genius of his system makes it look simple to build your own kiln.

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Bob’s opreation

Bob’s system uses the wood waste generated by his sawmilling business to heat the kiln, he can dry 6000 BF of lumber in about 100 hours using only the waste from his woodmizer, the system was cheap to build and most of the lumber for it was cut on his sawmill, the basis for the system is a non pressurized boiler.

The boiler

This boiler consists of a firebox and water jacket, the fire heats the water which is circulated through a very large radiator 36 inches wide by almost 40 feet long

Heating radiator

The radiator is made out of heat tube which is easily available at many heating and plumbing suppliers

Heat tube

The hot water is circulated through the radiator with a small pump

Circulating pump

As you can see the boiler that powers this system is quite small so Bob intends to replace the boiler with a new one

New boiler

This boiler will be used to heat Bob’s house his kiln and his hot tub, the capacity is larger than his old one.

Fire box of Bob's new boiler

The kiln has a set of tracks just like the big kilns do

Tracks and door

The kiln can hold up to 7000 BF of lumber depending on the thickness of the boards

Inside the kiln

The kiln is fed air by 2 furnace blowers mounted to the wall

Furnace blower

Several circulating fans keep the air moving

Circulating fans

The walls are 8 inches thick made from laminated 2x8 cut on bobs woodmizer

Laminated wall

Over all this kiln represents the finest in ingenuity and craftsmanship, cheaply made and smartly designed, the kiln dries wood almost every day including the winter months when it often gets to 30 below.

Have a look at bobs site

Click here to view a thumbnail gallery and more pictures of Bob's kiln and his operation


At 4:52 AM, Blogger mike said...

how can i get a set of plans for this style kiln i am interested in a 1000 to 2000 bf one


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